We go over pretty much the same passages for Nitzavim each year.  See Nitzavim – Follow the Commandments and Nitzavim – the one that is not here  for years two and three.

In this parsha, Moses has gathered the people of Israel to tell them that God is cutting an oath with them – not with them alone, but with “the one who is not here with us today” – the descendants of these people.  We know from Matot-Masei how seriously the ancient Israelites took their oaths.

God proceeds to tell the people in detail what will happen to them if they disobey his commandments.  The earth will be made infertile by brimstone and salt.  The people will be cast into another land.  If that sounds familiar, it is exactly what happened when Assyria conquered the kingdom of Israel perhaps a thousand years later.

But God will have compassion on the people if they return to God’s commandments.  God will restore their fortunes.  God will collect them from all the nations that God has scattered them to.  The land and the people will be fertile.

For the commandment that is commanded you this day is not too far away!  It is not in the heavens…or across the sea. Rather, it is near to you.  It is in your mouth and your heart.”

Food for Thought

Do you think God has kept his covenant with the Jews?  Have the Jews kept their covenant with God?