God emphasizes that everyone is gathered to hear God’s words: “your heads, your tribes, your elders…all the men of Israel, your little ones, your wives, your stranger that is among you.”  In other words, even the little children should hear God’s words and remember them.

And what are these words?

  1. Don’t worship false gods.
    1. Follow all God’s commandments.

“For the commandment that I command you this day;
It is not too far away!
It is not in the heavens…
And it is not across the sea

Rather, near to you is the word,
in your mouth and in your heart, to observe it!”

Near to you.  God’s words are for children, and for grownups and they are right close to you!

Food for Thought

In this parsha, God promises that, if you obey God’s commandments, God will cause all the “doings of your hands” to prosper: your produce, your children and your animals.

Do you think it’s true that God rewards people who obey God?  Is promise of a reward a good reason for following God’s commandments?