We welcome guests to our High Holiday services.

We ask only that you [fill out a brief form online]
so we know you are coming. If you prefer you can
call us at (914) 248-9532 and leave your phone number. We will get back to you.

[You can view our Schedule of Services here]

While the wearing of a face mask will generally be entirely optional, if anyone who by reason of age or health issues is at an elevated risk, they are encouraged to wear a KN-95 or N-95 mask at services.  Of course, we will, as in the past, have services transmitted via Zoom. 

It is expected that every adult and child who attends services in-person at HCS, who is eligible for vaccination against Covid is vaccinated, otherwise if they choose to attend services in person, they must wear a KN-95  or N-95 facemask. If a child is too young to be vaccinated and,  if the parents choose to attend services in person, if it is possible,  the child should  wear a KN-95  or N-95 facemask. Anyone who is unvaccinated who is unable or unwilling to wear a KN-95 or N-95 facemask, is asked to attend services by Zoom.  

Of course, if you feel ill on the day of a service, you are asked to stay at home and participate in the services transmitted over Zoom.

Thank you in advance for compliance with these rules, as we all want to keep ourselves and our fellow congregants safe and healthy.