V’Zot HaBerachah is the final portion in the annual cycle of Torah reading. In it, Moses blesses each of the tribes, except for the tribe of Simeon. Moses recites a song to the Children of Israel that serves as testimony of their covenant with God.
God tells Moses to head up Mount Nebo to find his final resting place.
And God let him see all the land.
Gilead as far as Dan,
And all Naftali and the land of Efrayim and Menasha,
And all the land of Judah…
And the Negev
And the round plain, the cleft of Jericho
And on Mount Nebo Moses dies at the age of 120.
The Israelites mourn, and the parsha ends by singing the praises of Moses, whose greatness has no equal.
But there arose no further prophet in Israel like Moses,
Whom God knew face to face.