Vayikra describes the way in which God commands that sacrifices are to be made.  The parsha goes into great detail on how the animal or grain offering is to be offered up.

The details of the animal sacrifices are kind of gross.  They involve killing the animal and splashing its blood around the slaughter site near the entrance to the Tent of Appointment.  There are other gruesome details too.

Then there are birds.  Again, the details are pretty gruesome.

Then we get to flour offerings.  They actually sound pretty tasty.  The person offering the flour bakes it into a matzah and sprinkles salt, oil and frankincense (which is a spice) onto it.  The priest takes a portion, and the rest is burned up in smoke.  The part that was set aside is given to Aaron and his sons.  Lucky Aaron!

Food for Thought

Why do you think God went into such detail about how to make sacrifices?