Two messengers (sometimes translated as angels) come to Lot’s house in the city of Sodom.  Come in, says Lot.   Make yourself at home!  He feeds them a terrific meal and washes their feet – the perfect host. 

When the people of Sodom hear that Lot has guests, they crowd his door, demanding that the messengers be given to the crowd so they may “know” them.

How about my daughters instead, says Lot to the crowd.  But no.  They want Lot’s guests and they start crowding Lot at the entrance to his house. 

The angels reach out from the house, grab Lot and cause a bright light to shine, which dazzles the people so that they can’t find the entrance to the house.

You’d better get out of here, warn the messengers, and take your family with you.  Lot’s sons-in-law refuse to go, but Lot packs up the rest of his family and they hurry away. 

Don’t look back, warn the messengers, but Lot’s wife does look back and is turned into a pillar of salt.

Lot and his family settle in the hill country.  The daughters plan together to seduce their father so that they can each have a child.  And those children become the founding fathers of the Moabites and the Ammonites.

Now we get another story.  Abraham and Sarah are the guests of King Abimelech.  He asks Abraham if Sarah is his wife, and Abraham says no, she’s my sister.  Technically, he’s correct because she’s his half sister, but since he hid the fact that they were married, Abimelech decided to marry Sarah himself.

God tells Abimelech in a dream that he must give Sarah back.  God wants to kill him, but Abimelech points out that he’s innocent – he didn’t know Sarah was already married! 

God spares Abimelech and Abimelech gives Abraham land and silver coins.  And God gives Abimelech children.

Lot’s wife turns into a pillar of salt