This is the parsha where the people of Israel receive the Ten Commandments.  Heavy stuff.  And important.

Before God gave the Ten Commandments, he had Moses gather the elders, and they promised “All that God has spoken, we will do.” So the elders promised in advance to obey the Ten Commandments before they had even heard them.

Then God told Moses to make the people “holy” by scrubbing their clothes and staying away from their spouses.

After three days, God told Moses: I’m going to come down to Mount Sinai.  If anyone sets foot on the mountain, kill them!

When the third day came, at daybreak, there was a huge show.  There were thunder and lightning coming from the mountain and a heavy cloud hanging over it. And scariest of all, there was the sound of a shofar! Where did it come from? The Torah doesn’t say.  Imagine standing at the foot of a mountain that’s spewing smoke and giving off lightning.  Then this shofar sounds from out of nowhere! 

The Torah tells us that “all of the people trembled.”

God called Moses to the top of the mountain. Then he sent him down the mountain to remind the people to stay away, and to get Aaron. 

So Moses (and Aaron) went up.

Moses receives the 10 Commandments on Mt Sinai