This is the story of Moses when he was a little bitty baby.

The Israelites had many babies while they were in Egypt and got to be a really big group. There were so many Israelites that the new Pharaoh was afraid the Israelites would make war against Egypt.

He ordered them put to hard labor, making bricks. Think of how many other groups in history have been put down or hated by the group in charge!

Pharaoh came up with what he thought was a solution to his problem.  He ordered all the Israelite babies thrown into the Nile River!

But one woman made a little ark of papyrus and put her baby in it.

Pharaoh’s daughter went down to bathe in the Nile and found the baby in the ark, crying.  She knew right away it was a Hebrew child and named it Moses.

Moses’ sister watched this all happen and suggested she bring Moses’ mother to nurse him.  So, although Moses was treated as the Princess’ daughter, he spent his first few years being raised by his mother.

Baby Moses in the Nile
Baby Moses in the Nile