Now this is an exciting story.

The Israelites, having left Egypt, were camped by the sea.  Pharaoh, with all his chariots and horses, caught up to them.

Boy, were the Israelites scared! They cried to Moses “Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us out to die in the wilderness?”

Moses answered, “Don’t be afraid. God will deliver you.”

Moses held up his staff and a column of cloud moved ahead of the Israelites and stood behind them, hiding them from the Egyptians.

Then Moses stretched out his hand and the sea split, and in between, in front of the Children of Israel, was firm ground for them to walk on. 

The Israelites came through the midst of the sea walking on dry land, but when the Egyptians, with all their chariots and riders, followed them, all the wheels of their chariots loosened (in the mud, maybe) and the Egyptians said “We’d better get out of here.’

Too late!  While the Egyptians were in the midst of the sea, the waters came rushing back and covered the chariots and the riders and all of Pharaoh’s army, until not one was left.

Moses parted the Red Sea