Two important things happen in this parsha. 

The first is that five women, Mahla, No’a, Hogla, Milka and Tirtza, approach Moses and say “Our father died in the wilderness.  He had no sons.  Don’t let his name disappear just because he didn’t have a son.  Give us some land near our uncles.” 

Moses brings the demand to God.  And God says: yes!  The daughters get their father’s land!  Now, notice, women only inherit if there’s no son.  Still, it was something of a victory for women.  Especially since God says the daughters inherit before the man’s brothers (their uncles). 

The second important thing that happens is that God tells Moses that it’s time for him to go up on the mountains of Avarim and be “gathered to his kinspeople,” meaning Moses is to die.  But first, God tells Moses to single out Joshua as his next-in-line “so that the community of God will not be like a flock that has no shepherd.”.  “Take yourself Joshua son of Num and lean your hand upon him” in front of the whole community.   

Imagine being told you’re going to die and to go bless your successor!  But Moses, the faithful servant, did it.

God says women can inherit land (when there is no son)