So Bezalel and the women who made the fabrics and all the workers brought the Ohel Moed to Moses.

And guess who put it together?  You won’t believe this!  It was Moses himself, as ordered by God! 

He put up the boards and the columns.  He spread out the tent over the Dwelling.  He put the Ten Commandments in the ark.  He put up the table.  He erected the lampstand.  He burned incense.

Then he got to work on the Altar.  He placed the basin for washing down.  He set up the courtyard.

Finally, everything was done and a cloud covered the Dwelling, and the glory of God filled it entirely. 

From then on, whenever the cloud was filling the Dwelling, the Children of Israel stayed put.  When the cloud lifted, they went on their marches. 

  For the cloud of God is over the Dwelling by day,
And fire is by night in it,
Before the eyes of all the House of Israel
Upon all their marches.

Food for Thought

Why do you think God told Moses to put together the Ohel Moed all by himself?