We work hard to keep our dues low! They’re among the lowest of Northern Westchester Synagogues!

For anyone joining our synagogue for the first time, we offer a first year introductory membership of $300. This includes our security fee, building fund, and high holiday tickets. We do ask that you pay any Hebrew School fees the first year. Please see our Hebrew School registration form for these.


First Year Introductory Membership: $300 (includes security fee and building fund)

Family: $1,995
Senior Family: $1,030
Single Senior: $600
Single Adult Family: $1,515
Single Adult: $1,200

In addition to dues, a $300 security fee is payable each year, and a $300 building fund payment is payable over three years ($100 a year.)

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Anyone needing special consideration should contact the Rabbi or the Treasurer.