Abraham is old and wants to see his son Isaac married.  But he doesn’t want Isaac to marry a local Canaanite girl.  So he makes his servant swear to find Isaac a wife among Abraham’s relatives in Ur.

The servant packs up a bunch of camels and schleps several hundred miles to Ur in southern Iraq.  He stops by a well and prays to God to find a maiden who will offer water to him and his camels.

Along comes Rebecca, granddaughter of Abraham’s brother.  She’s beautiful, but more important, she is kind and hospitable.  When the servant asks for water, she immediately offers her pitcher.  Then she draws water for his camels as well.  When he asks for lodging, she says “there’s straw and plenty of feed for the camels, and a place for you to spend the night.”

The servant is thrilled.  He gives Rebecca a nose ring and bracelets.  Laban, her brother, sees the nose ring and invites the servant in.  (We never learn the servant’s name.)

Everyone sits down to eat, but first the servant explains his mission and asks if he can take Rebecca back to be Isaac’s wife.

Lavan and his brother Betuel say OK.  Later, they ask Rebecca if she wants to go.  “Will you go with this man?”  She answers: “I will go.”  So off they go, with Rebecca, laden with jewelry from Abraham’s servant, along with her nurse.