Beha’alotcha begins with a description of the menorah, or lampstand, in the Tent of Appointment.  It was to have seven candle wicks made of gold with gold petals, according to a vision Moshe had.

Now, God tells Moses to purify the Levites by having them shaved across their whole body, sprinkled with water and their clothing scrubbed.

All the Levites are to be brought together and the Children of Israel are to lean their hands on the Levites.  The Levites are to lean their hands on the heads of two bulls who will be sacrificed.  After that the Levites may enter into the service of the Tent of Appointment.

God tells Moses that they must make a sacrifice.  Those who are unclean (for example who have been near a dead body) may not sacrifice, even though they protest.  Those who are not unclean must make a sacrifice or be cut off from their kinspeople.

God declares every first born, human or animal, to be holy for himself.  The firstborn is to belong to the Levites.

God tells Moses that every Levite between the age of 25 and 50 is to serve in the Tent of Appointment.

When there is a stranger among you, he gets to sacrifice too, since there is only one law for you and for the immigrant and for the native of the land.

The Levites served the Cohanim