We are dealing here with Yom Kippur and how it is to be celebrated. 

In the tenth day of the seventh New Moon, the High Priest is to go into the Tent of Assembly and put the blood of the sacrifice he has just made on the horns of the altar.

When he has finished doing that, he is to place his hands on the head of a live hairy goat.  He is to confess over the goat all the sins of the Children of Israel.  Then he is to hand it over to a man who will set it free in the wilderness.  The goat is to bear all the sins of the Children of Israel.

The man who sets the goat free must strip and wash himself and his clothing, and do his own sacrifice on behalf of the people.

Then the skins and the rest of the sacrifices are to be taken outside the Tent of Meeting and burnt, and the person who does this is to wash himself and his clothing before he may reenter the camp.

This day is a Sabbath of Sabbaths.  All work ceases.

The parsha ends with a warning that anyone who kills an animal away from the Tent of Appointment is to be cut off from his kinspeople.

Food for Thought

Why did God tell them to let the hairy goat go free instead of sacrificing it with the rest of the animals?

A hairy goat was sent free into the wilderness on Yom Kippur.