2e Zoom discussion

Many parents of twice exceptional (2e) children* are struggling to imagine how their gifted and challenged children will succeed throughout their Bar/Bat/B Mitzvah journeys and during the ceremony.

You and your child are invited to a FREE Zoom discussion:
Sunday, May 23, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM

Join panelists Melissa Sornik, LCSW, a noted therapist for 2e children and families; Gia Miller, an award-winning journalist who covers health, mental health and parenting; and Rabbi Shoshana Leis — all 2e parents.

*gifted, and also at least one of the following disabilities: specific learning disabilities (SpLD), speech and language disorders, emotional/behavioral disorders, ASD or ADHD

RSVP to ravshosh@gmail.com for Zoom link.

Please spread the word to others who may be interested! (and to rabbis, Jewish Educators, who may know people who are interested)