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The Hebrew Congregation of Somers takes great pride in the education of our members from our one year olds to our one hundred year olds under the guidance of our principal and rabbi

Our children learn about Judaism, Jewish history and customs, and Hebrew in small classes with individually paced learning that accommodates physical and learning differences.  Each teacher is committed to ensure that Hebrew school is a positive experience and that each child enjoys and benefits from time spent in class.  Children learn about the relevance of Jewish tradition, prayer and ethics in today‚Äôs world.

Our children participate in all areas of our congregation, lead Sabbath services and holiday programs, and take an active role during the High Holy Days. The children's enthusiasm during classroom activities and festival celebrations is quite visible.

Hebrew is taught using the Chevruta (study partners) study series.  Children learn with partners, at their own pace.  They read already learned Hebrew words in Hebrew.  They read other words in "Hebrish" - English words written using the Hebrew alphabet.  This helps students learn both Hebrew vocabulary and Hebrew reading.

Technology is up to date with our new laptop computers.  We have a wide variety of programs for students, young and old.  Many of our textbooks are now accompanied with CD companions that the students can take home to review prayers and Hebrew reading.

Extracurricular activities such as guest speakers, entertainers, holiday celebrations and school trips are offered throughout the year.  Family education programs led by the rabbi are scheduled on a monthly basis. The goal of religious education is to provide a building block for the child's continued participation in Jewish tradition and ritual. Our graduates are educated young people, who take pride in their heritage. They understand their role as Jews, and the responsibility it entails. We are proud to see many of them return to read the Torah on the High Holidays.

Click here to read about the Hebrew School Curriculum for each grade level.

Sun, January 20 2019 14 Shevat 5779