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From Rabbi Rubinstein: A High Holiday letter to the HCS community

08/29/2017 12:27:54 PM


From Rabbi Rubinstein: A High Holiday letter to the HCS community


Dear congregants:

As we approach the start of the second year of my tenure as your rabbi it is fitting to examine our goals and turn our dreams into concrete plans to start working not only on prolonging our life as a congregation but growing it stronger.


Our number one priority is to grow our school by enhancing our...Read more...


04/03/2017 07:40:55 PM


   We are living turbulent times. The conservative Jewish magazine Commentary for their March issue exhibited the headline: ‘Our Miserable 21st Century’. I can bet that this phrase is unequivocally shared by people from all political and religious convictions.


   I am...

Y a h r t z e I t   O b s e r v a n c e

04/03/2017 07:39:34 PM


In Judaism, the observance of Yahrzeit is one of the ways in which ritual opens a door for us to acknowledge those who played a role in shaping our lives. We acknowledge our gratitude for their love and for giving us the roots to claim our own identities. At the same time we keep building our family histories and preserve them for the future.


From Rabbi Halina

09/24/2016 04:10:19 AM


Some time ago I was looking for a piece of furniture and I came across a very interesting website; in order to look at their furniture collection I had to subscribe as is the case with most websites one browses these days. I ended up not buying anything and eventually I sent their emails into my junk folder and finally unsubscribed. Nothing outstanding about this experience except that this morning I opened my email and I found an email from...Read more...


07/18/2016 11:05:40 AM



Like some of you I grew up in a home where Judaism was absent. Yes, we knew we were Jewish but we did not observe one iota of Jewish rituals. We did not even have a mezuzah on the door to our apartment or house, wherever we were living at the time—we moved a lot.


July/August 2016

06/22/2016 12:51:13 PM


This time of year, glorious Summer, is usually one of leisure and light reading but not for me, and I suspect, not for most of my colleagues. In addition to our weekly obligations we prepare for the High Holidays with great care: we explore themes for our sermons, we review schedules, we attend meetings and we assist our participating congregants with their Torah and Haftarah readings.


May/June 2016

06/22/2016 12:50:48 PM


After waiting for many months I am ready to start my tenure as your rabbi. In the meantime I have been acquainting myself with the northern Westchester community and, in the process, I have learned a few things--- that the Taconic Parkway at night is a long dark tunnel, that I have taken street lights too much for granted, and when trying to find my way to the synagogue building, sometimes with not much help from my car’s electronic...Read more...

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