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01/14/2019 01:07:52 PM


Gloria Caldarella

January/February 2019


Hello Fellow Congregants!


Back in July, when Bob, Vicki, and I divided the duties of the HCS Presidency into thirds, we also split up the year’s “Presidents’ Message” for the Shofar. I hadn’t realized at the time that I would inadvertently get stuck with the winter installment. Why ‘stuck’? Well…we have passed the joyous and reflective fall holidays, we have passed festive and latke-filled Chanukah, and we are not yet up to the feeling of renewal that Purim and Passover offer. If you are a “snowbird” you are reading this message from a lounge chair someplace warm and sunny. But most of us are stuck in a typical New York winter, with gray skies, rain, snow, ice, and cold. Brrrrr!


What message of warmth and optimism can I send out to carry us all through to the March-April Shofar along with the promise of spring?? There are several thoughts that occur to me that I would like to share and I hope you feel less stuck thinking about them:


  • Every day we add two minutes of daylight more than the day before
  • You can reflect on the good times we had during fall festivals and festivities (aaah, that yummy Chanukah dinner!)
  • You can plan some spring activities (create your Megillah costume now)
  • You can plan a summer vacation knowing that you will be packing up the gloves and unpacking the bright colors and short sleeves again
  • You can join us for services and Lunch and Learn to either commiserate about the cold or warm up with fellow congregants through some lively exchanges (and food always makes me happy)


On the positive side, HCS is busy as always with Hebrew School, Sisterhood, Shabbat services, and the continuing process of hiring a new rabbi. A sincere thank you to all those HCS members—adults and children—who showed their support by attending the Friday evening and Saturday morning shabbat services that were co-led by Rabbi Shoshana Leis and our Cantor, Ruth Ossher. The response to our Rabbi candidate was overwhelmingly positive. We are working with Rabbi Leis in the hope that she will be joining the HCS family as one of our spiritual and religious leaders. May I take this time to thank Ruth Ossher for the excellent job she has done leading services and supporting all HCS members.


So…make some hot chocolate or cider, find a fleece throw, and think warm thoughts,

Gloria Caldarella


Sat, May 25 2019 20 Iyyar 5779