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09/24/2016 04:11:32 AM


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07/18/2016 11:06:46 AM


Shalom! Summer is almost over so we have the High Holy Days ahead. You should have received the schedule by now.


Rabbi Halina, Canter Ruth and the ritual committee have been meeting over the summer coordinating the holidays.


Tal Hadani-Pease has been preparing for the opening day of Hebrew School on...Read more...


07/18/2016 11:06:41 AM


   I want to thank Sisterhood for that wonderful welcome Kiddush for Rabbi Halina.  Our procedures for hosting a Saturday morning Kiddush have changed.  Enclosed in this SHOFAR is a form with directions about sponsoring a Kiddush and I urge everyone to sponsor and join us for services to help welcome Rabbi Halina.



06/22/2016 12:52:47 PM


If it is May you know the congregational meeting is on the agenda.  Please join the board of directors and me as we review the year's events.  The meeting will be on May 22nd at 10 am. There will be a Hebrew school moving up celebration immediately after. 


I want to thank the volunteers who came out on a chilly Sunday to clean the woods and yard of 8 Cypress...Read more...


03/08/2016 11:20:08 AM


If it is spring it must be time for Purim. The children’s Purim Carnival will be on Sunday, March 20th during Hebrew School.  This year’s Megillah reading will be on April 1, after the pot luck at 7:15.  Yes, you can wear a costume!



03/08/2016 11:19:14 AM


Finally it is beginning to feel like winter. Let's hope for less snow and ice.


On November 1st we hired a new caretaker, Oscar Soza. So far he is getting a thumbs up from the women at HCS.


This fall Billy Folchetti painted the exterior of the synagogue and refurbished the path...Read more...


03/08/2016 11:18:10 AM


The leaves are falling and it is getting colder.  Time to leave for Florida!  No, not yet, the board has a lot more work to do.  We hired a caretaker named Oscar Soza.  He will start around November 5th after we do minor repairs to the small apartment.



10/12/2015 12:51:23 PM


As we prepare for the opening of Hebrew School on September 13, I want to call upon our parents to become more active at HCS. Hebrew School starts at 9am along with registration and the book sale. Don't forget last year's books to share or use again.  Our Sisterhood runs many of the activities at the synagogue and we can always use some extra hands. Sisterhood is sponsoring the welcome back picnic at 11am. The picnic...Read more...


10/12/2015 12:50:38 PM


The ritual committee has already met and the High Holy Days schedule is ready for publication. It is included in this Shofar.  You will also be getting a letter in early August. I am thrilled to announce that one of our very own congregants, Rachel Izes will be leading the Junior Congregation services on the first day of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Please invite young families to join us and remember the first...Read more...


10/12/2015 12:50:10 PM


It is May already and by now you should have received an email or US mail letter from the HCS Board outlining the issues facing our synagogue.


Roof damage from the past winter and renovations that went over-budget have left us with a...Read more...


10/12/2015 12:48:07 PM


Spring is coming……  So is Purim!  Join us on Friday, March 6th for a special dairy pot luck at 6:30 followed by a reading of the Megilla at 7:15. We have a dairy pot luck every first Friday of the month.


On the remaining 3 or 4 Saturdays we have Shabbat services at 9:30am followed by a Torah discussion at 11am. You are welcome...Read more...


03/09/2015 12:12:43 PM


 While the weather is cold outside, Sisterhood, the HCS Board of Directors and the Ritual committee have been very busy.  The Ritual committee wants to make sure all relatives and friends are remembered on Yom Kippur and at the time of their Yahrzeit.  If you feel your deceased loved one is not in our Book of Remembrance, please forward his/her full name and month/day/year of death to Tal Hadani-Pease or drop...Read more...


03/09/2015 12:09:36 PM


     I want to thank Ruth Ossher for leading us during the High Holy Days Services.  Together we were able to share Rabbi Fred’s grief.

     Rabbi Fred informed the board that he will be retiring in June 2016. With the help of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (our parent organization), we will begin our search for a successor to Rabbi Fred. It is...Read more...


03/09/2015 12:05:19 PM


Since the congregational meeting in May, about 25% of the families have met their responsibility of the $275 assessment. The board appreciates everyone sending in their share as Rabbi Fred outlined in last month’s Shofar. 
We renovated the small apartment across the street and hired a new caretaker. At present the large apartment is also being renovated and will be ready to be rented soon. Most renovation...Read more...


03/09/2015 12:00:27 PM


I want to thank everyone who attended the congregational meeting on May 18th. At the meeting, as in the letters sent home, I outlined the challenges we face as a synagogue.

Work has begun on both apartments as well as the exterior of the parsonage. All families are being assessed $275 to defray the cost. Please send it in marked ASSESSMENT.


Services will continue during the summer.  The time and date of our Shabbat services are now available every Monday on the synagogue’s phone (914) 248-9532 and monthly on our website HebrewCongregationof  Our summer schedule had changes due to the Bar/Bat Mitvahs. The very popular Pot Lucks remain on the calendar each month.Read more...


05/28/2014 11:07:15 AM


Spring at HCS means time to clean up and clean out. Sisterhood had taken on the job of beautifying the outside of our synagogue. We have a large television that needs to be disposed of. (Any volunteers?) Somers bulk pick-up does not take electronics.

We now have a new flat-screen TV to host Saturday movie night, which begins May 10th at 6:30. Rabbi...Read more...


02/26/2014 10:19:38 AM



I don’t remember this much snow. Luckily, we haven’t had to cancel too many activities.  Rabbi Fred usually does not cancel services unless he can’t drive from Croton to Somers.


Just a reminder that the first Friday of the month is a family potluck at 6:30 followed by a...Read more...

Jan/Feb Newsletter

01/21/2014 03:13:23 PM


I hope you were able to join us for a wonderful evening on Dec. 6th.  It was our annual Hanukkah party.  Sisterhood cooked up a storm of turkeys and latkas. Sisterhood is always planning new events for adults as well as our children and new sisters are always welcome.  We meet once a month on Sunday mornings. Our next meeting is Jan. 12th at 9:30.


The Ritual committee has changed our weekend Shabbat...

Nov/Dec Newsletter

11/04/2013 04:55:38 PM


Again, I want to thank Rabbi Fred and Cantor Ruth for leading our High Holy Days services.  Speaking of music, we are very fortunate to have musicians and singers from Beit Tfila Yisraeli of Tel Aviv perform for us on December 5th at 7 PM. Tickets cost $18

per person and checks can be mailed to the synagogue at PO Box 40, Shenorock, NY 10587. 

We are also having a special Friday pot luck on Nov. 8th at 6:30 to honor...Read more...

September/October Newsletter

09/03/2013 08:01:15 PM


As you heard at Rosh Hashanah, the board has been very busy this past year. We have added musical accompaniment to our Saturday morning Shabbat services by our cantor, Ruth Ossher. Shabbat morning services are always followed by a discussion and light lunch.


This is the month of inner reflection.  We collectively seek god’s forgiveness.  Have you altered your actions since last year?  Are you looking...Read more...

July/August Newsletter

07/31/2013 04:00:40 PM


Yes, summer has just begun but already the ritual committee has met to plan the High Holidays.  This year we are providing babysitting after the junior congregation for parents who want to remain upstairs for both days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Advance registration is required to provide proper supervision. This is open to children over 3 years old. Three–five year olds will be assigned a caregiver. Older children will be...Read more...

May/June Newsletter

05/20/2013 11:58:05 AM


      I like to think that Hebrew Congregation of Somers is a participatory and egalitarian synagogue. In fact we are according to our bylaws.  Why do just a handful of people attend services?

      Why are those same people part of Sisterhood, the Pot Lucks adult education and serve on the board of directors?

      I participate in most events because...

March/April Newsletter

05/20/2013 11:51:03 AM


You ask me what’s new at Hebrew Congregation of Somers?


Well, Shabbat mornings have been filled with music.  Cantor Ruth has been providing vocal and musical accompaniment to the Saturday morning service.  I invite you to come on the second and fourth Saturday mornings and experience this yourself.  I will send an email with the dates for the next 4 month’s schedule.


Every...

January/February Newsletter

02/06/2013 09:37:49 AM


Wishing you a Happy New Year! The cold weather does not stop the activities at Hebrew Congregation of Somers. Our first Dairy Pot Luck of the season is January 4th at 6:30. Please join Cantor Ruth and me for the Friday Night Children’s service too.


Our next 4 Shabbat morning services will be Jan. 12th, Jan. 26th, Feb. 9th and Feb. 23rd at 9:30 followed by a Lunch and Learn with Rabbi...Read more...

November/December Newsletter

02/06/2013 09:37:21 AM


I want to thank Rabbi Fred and Cantor Ruth for their beautiful leadership during the High Holidays.


Sukkot was very special this year because we had a beautiful new sukkah built by our very own Peter Scurlock.    


As it starts getting colder, I hope you’re not thinking of hibernating. There is still plenty going on at Hebrew Congregation of...Read more...

September/October Newsletter

09/09/2012 03:14:23 PM




I’ve just returned from spending 3 weeks with my son’s extended family in Israel. My daughter-in-law, Sara, has a wonderful family who makes me feel welcome and their cooking is fabulous!  We spent 5 days in the Kinneret with 20 children (under 8) and 20 adults.  They camped out, I stayed in a resort nearby in Ramot. My host in Ramot brought me fresh mangos from his farm nearby. My...Read more...

July/August Newsletter

07/08/2012 04:05:35 PM



The long hours of daylight make living in Northern Westchester and Putnam so beautiful.  As you are relaxing with your family or planning a vacation, take time to reflect on how important Jewish learning is for your children.  Look through their books, read parts of the text with them.  That connection will mean so much to both of you. On Shabbat mornings during services I like to read along in English. ...Read more...

May/June Newsletter

04/28/2012 08:27:38 AM



Our school year is coming to an end and I would like you to know what is going on:

This past year we have had some extraordinary expenses. We've had to replace our heating system and do extensive work on the roof, sidewalks, and other masonry in order to preserve our building and avoid liability issues. All this cost us in excess of $40,000. Although we were able to pay the bills, this has put a serious dent in...Read more...

March/April Message

02/28/2012 02:43:52 PM


We made it through another winter, although this one was not that bad. We can look forward to the special days that spring brings starting with our Purim Carnival for the children of the Hebrew School.  We request all parents help out on the morning of March 4th from 11-12.  The Megilla will be read right after Hebrew School on March 7th at 6PM.  Pizza will be served to the children at 5:30 so please plan to stay for the...Read more...

From the President

02/12/2012 09:12:57 PM


Our High Holidays are now behind us.  I would like to thank Rabbi Fred Schwalb and Cantorial Soloist Ruth Ossher for leading such an inspirational High Holiday service.  I would like to also thank everyone who worked so hard to make the High Holiday services and activities run so smoothly.  There are many more exciting activities in the coming months.

 On Friday, November 4th is our monthly dairy POT LUCK dinner...Read more...

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